touchmd-bend-oregonAt the Leffel Center , Dr. Linda Leffel believes in the making the most out of patient consultations. She understands the importance of thorough communication and providing detailed information. As a result Dr. Leffel has recently acquired an innovative new system called TouchMD. TouchMD is a visual consultation and imaging software that utilizes touchscreen technology to enhance the patient experience.

What TouchMD Does

Touch MD is a computer system designed to improve the communication between Dr Leffel and her patients and better-educate patients on what they can expect. With touch-screen computer technology, TouchMD allows patients who are sitting in the exam room to view information on specific topics and procedures, enhancing their education. This also allows the patient a better understanding of the procedure so they can more effectively communicate their thoughts, questions, and goals with Dr. Leffel. Patients can view animated models that will show them the potential results of specific treatments.

Benefits of TouchMD

  • Touch Friendly – TouchMD has an easy to navigate touch interface allows the Dr Leffel or her patients to view topic driven educational information about a particular service or procedure.
  • Educational Videos and Content – TouchMD uses video content from accredited sources to help patients understand procedures and treatments. TouchMD is continually updated as the industry advances.

myTouchMD Patient App & Web Portal

The TouchMD Patient Portal is a secure website that allows patients to view topic videos, services, galleries and personalized images. Patients can log in using their home computer or smartphone to review their consultation.

With the myTouch App & Portal Patients can:


  • View images and documents saved to your patient file
  • Review doctor-assigned “homework” and recommendations
  • Review and sign assigned consent documentation
  • Upload your own pictures to your patient file

Click on the button to the right to access the myTouchMD Portal.